Winter Solstice. Time for a break?

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The Winter Solstice is that moment in the year when the Sun reaches its lowest point in the sky, ending the apparent daily descent that began on June 21st at the Summer Solstice.

At that time in June, ‘Yang’ energy, the thrusting energy of growth was replaced by the gentler regenerative ‘Yin’ part of the cycle. Growth ceased, Harvest followed. Food was stored for the winter and gradually the days became shorter, colder and the dark nights longer. Eventually the dying remains of the growth period were composted, recycled and the Earth rested and slept. This was the ‘Yin’ part of the cycle sometimes described as the Feminine Principle that holds, nurtures and rests in preparation for the return of the ‘Yang’ cycle at the Winter Solstice.

This constant cycling and recycling, ‘Yin’ and then ‘Yang’ and back again, Feminine Principle and Masculine energetic Principles working in partnership are vital for the health of the Earth.

So at 10.44 am today, once more there is a Turning and the Sun starts to climb in the sky once more and begins to shine through the lens of Capricorn. Energetically the ‘Yang’ energy cycle brings Growth and Aspiration as the Sun climbs daily in the sky until next June 21st when the Wheel will turn again.

This natural adjustment affects everything in nature – not least ourselves and our own body rhythms. Today, the Waxing Half Moon moves from Virgo into Libra, the Sign of Balance. So why not take a little break from the Christmas rush just for yourself and relax . . . . ?

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