Unconscious and drowning …?

What happens when our culture focuses on brain and logic alone, without the balance of heart, common sense and connection to the earth?   Dominated by automatic, machine like thinking how are human beings to stay nourished and to regenerate and live in connection with the whole of creation?    And I am reminded that an anagram of ‘Heart’ is ‘Earth’.   As individuals conditioned from infancy to believe what others tell us, can we still hear the whispers of our hearts and tap into our own power?

Living only through the thoughts of other people flowing from the media, advertising and a  learning- controlled data fed educational system,  can be very comfortable; I don’t have to think for myself.    I can cruise passively through the years, dependent on ‘them out there’.

Yet,  as I drift in the swamping conditioned worldview of others,  I lose touch with that little girl I once was and who had her own unique perception of the world.      Unconscious, I allow the constant noise and communication of the logical machine driven world to drown out nature, my deeply knowing creative  body and connection with the community of the earth and indeed the cosmos itself.

Whatever happened to that spontaneous baby, that tiny girl or boy who had an utterly unique view of the world and looked in wonder, expectation and simple joy?   William Wordsworth describes this beautifully when he wrote how infants come into the world ‘trailing clouds of glory’ *

Because then  we were vulnerable and so taught how to survive  through the eyes of others – mum or dad or whoever.    So out of necessity,  we learned to conform, adapt, comply.    And it was easy, over time to continue  accepting the  thinking of others without question and so losing the memory of our own innate power with the passing years.

And have we also forgotten the recurring wonder of each different unique moment of those long ago times –  that joy, happiness, sense of freedom and  power?    Yet that little child, buried in memory doen’t go away and still seeks our love and approval from deep within our psyche/soul, our body and our heart.

Throughout my life, I’ve been aware of the one sided value our culture places on academia, on logic and remembering facts and figures – that are all generated  from the thoughts and experiences of other people.  (And of course, over the last few decades, this value has been by money.)

Yet the most valuable year at school – so long ago – was the one where I was given permission and the freedom to choose my own learning and follow my passion – and so to reconnect and polish up a deeper, inner lens of my own – and indeed my own power.

This lopsidedness, this over emphasis on logic and so called ‘facts’, this machine driven world offers humanity much in terms of material comfort.     Yet such imbalance is  fraught with dangers.

Without being aware of and honouring our own unique creative view of the world  – without shifting how we ‘see’ our conditioned reality of the past, how can we nourish ourselves and the earth at a deeper and more sustainable level?   For the created world and the earth itself requires nurturance beyond the physical alone to regenerate and become whole.


* Ode on Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood (V)’  William Wordsworth

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  1. Hi Maggie

    I was just wondering whether to post notification of my latest Blog post on the SMN Facebook Page when your own post there caught my eye.

    I shall be posting it there today! Your piece here is illustrative of many of us seeking to regain our “power” to influence the world – particularly in these seemingly chaotic times. My latest Blog post talks of the reasons we feel powerless at times, I think you’ll enjoy it.

    In gratitude and appreciation of you, Chris.

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