The rules of care?

Long ago I was asked for advice regarding the development of Care Standards.      A list of tasks for what was deemed satisfactory care had been written for assessment purposes.   For example, one question was  …   ‘Did the carer say ‘good morning’ …. Tick box:  ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.            Sadly my impatience, anger and sheer frustration at the authority drawing up these ‘rules’ led me to withdraw from the process.    Not helpful …..

Care isn’t straight forward and from long experience I knew care and indeed holistic nursing required more than logic, reason and cost effectiveness and following the rules thought out by somebody else.     Surely, I thought, people in authority must get this very simple fact of life?   Was it me that was being stupid?  What was I missing?

We are human beings and live in connection with each other.   When we care for another, when we assume the role of teaching another, when we counsel or coach another, we take on responsibility for extending our boundaries and offering a deeper part of our human selves.   This intrinsic energy manifests and interacts with the other person and the surrounding environment.

Such entanglement implies a whole new ball game!    What are we sharing of ourselves?     What is the quality,shape and purpose of our energy?     How individually conscious are we of what and who we are?    ……      Each one of us is complex and unique.     How well does authority that controls, plans and organises understand that there must be balance between logic and the human heart?

Of course we can choose to set tight  boundaries, follow the rules and stay safe and untouched within our protective layers.    But do we grow and flourish in  cut off and in  separation and  working in sterile ‘helping’ environments?   Indeed are there any winners?     And in the greater picture is such imbalance possible for survival of humanity?

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