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‘Abundance in May: What is it with Money?

What is this obsession with money and economics and the seemingly never ending desire for wealth? It brings to mind the haunting Native American prophecy from long ago ……

“When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.”

Money is purely a convenient form of physical energy exchange and a token of value. ‘I want that new settee and will give you a lot of my money for it’. Note the word ‘want’ here rather than ‘need’.

In fact, what do I absolutely need to survive physically? Think about it. Isn’t the bottom line that for purely physical survival human beings need is water and food, air, warmth and shelter? Isn’t everything else fundamentally a ‘want’? (And yes, I know that we’ve organized our current lifestyle so there’s Income Tax, Council Tax, the Car, Insurances, Pension savings etc. etc. etc but we won’t physically perish without them – or will we …..?)

What we think we need or want, is a very different kettle of fish from our actual physical basic needs. Enter our emotions and mind …… Our emotions can be very needy and feel ‘lack’ acutely. And of course these days, emotional manipulation is brilliant as a marketing tool. We are told we need this because it will make us a better, healthier, more worthy, happier people – but it’s gonna’ cost you …….

Ultimately money exchange can be seen as linked to feelings and emotions. How abundant do I feel? The Psychological Archetype that relates to this is Taurus, and that time of the year when nature can be seen in all her glory as abundant, lavishly blossoming and growing. Yet think how it is when we feel abundant, lavish, happy?

“Today the sun is shining and I feel good ….. I’m warm, well fed and can breathe the pure air …… I notice and delight in my senses nurturing myself at all levels as I walk through the woods and hear the birds, sniff the flowers, touch the warm moss and see the beauty of the blue sky through the trees.”

Abundance is the essence of May and embodies the Psychological Archetype of Taurus/Venus that energetically forms part of our psyche. When we feel positive and happy and inwardly abundant, we easily slip into a state of being in flow, creative and empowered.

Our Elemental, Temperamental Journal reflects on ‘Abundance in May’. Small group, inexpensive 2 hourly workshops in Thornbury offer Time Out just for you. Some are purely practical sessions and some experiential, sharing experiences. These are facilitated by a coach/counsellor so you may explore and creatively tap into your own unique expression of this beautiful Taurus season of the year. Dates are:

Wed, May 11, 10-12.30 Wed, May 18, 10-12.30
Thurs, May 12, 1.30-4.00 Thurs, May 19, 1.30-4.00
Sat, May 14, 10-12.30 Sat, May 21, 1.30-4.00

Contact me on 07866 404471 or email creativehealth@outlook.com for more information.

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‘Mainly May’ Creative Wellbeing

Whilst April may be the cruellest month, surely May is the loveliest? The bluebells and lilac are out and swathing our senses in their magical perfume ….. and those blackbirds too are singing their hearts out especially at dusk.

For this month’s ‘Elemental, Temperamental Journal’ we exercise our senses by focusing our awareness of the beauty of this month and recording it through reflections in writing,images and if time, a little craft. So we practise strengthening the bridge that leads from logic, technology, measurement and product towards imagination, intuition, process, creativity and wholeness.

We will take a look at the energy and pattern of this ‘Taurus’ season in the natural year and link this Psychological Archetype with the life cycle of Human Beings.

These workshops aim to raise awareness of the need to redress the balance of today’s stresses and strains. Taking time out for ourselves is vital especially if we are the ‘hub’ of the family, caring for a loved one or even a professional ‘helper’ working with others in the service sectors.

Get in touch if you’re interested in this Thornbury workshop on Wednesday, 11th May from 10-2 let me know on creativehealth@outlook.com or give me a call on 07866 404471

Childhood wonder and the Psyche/Soul

Some books are a treasure that can be read and re-read and offer new insights and treasures each time. Yesterday I picked up Bill Plotkin’s work, ‘Nature and the Human Soul’ and realised how valuable it was for me at this time.

I’ve been knitting together the threads of “My Elemental, Temperamental Journal”, intuitively knowing yet seeking to ground and form into shape. Added to this was my growing concern about the mental health problems so many people are facing today.

Plotkin describes the various developmental stages of life and the one that caught my interest in particular was the vital need of children from about 4 years old unti puberty to connect with and experience the world of nature. In the Chapter called ‘The Explorer in the Garden’, he talks about discovering the enchantment of nature and suggests that with this discovery, “the child also discovers to be himself, namely his body, his imagination, and his emotions”.

In our urban, western communities how much understanding is placed on this psychological need for engagement with nature in order to promote healthy childhood development? What opportunity is there to explore and discover and watch the unfolding of the seasons, to touch and feel, to see and hear and delight in the changing sensual experiences. Instead it seems we are living in a culture obsessed with cognitive development and testing from the nursery years onwards. At what cost to our children? Without healthy well coordinated bodies, fully functioning senses and a well developed imagination, academic achievement alone does not result in whole health, rounded education and wellbeing individuals.

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“Your Elemental, Temperamental Journal”
Supportive, Creative, Relaxing and Fun!

Staying well and supporting your whole health is vital if you are a ‘People Helper’! Energetically and psychologically, you are at the Coal Face …….. whether a busy working mum or dad with maybe a child who struggles, you are at the hub and centre of family. How do you find space for you? We live in a changing world where days flash by filled with demands from work, family, friends as well as pressure from media and all the ‘techy devices’.

‘Burnout’ is too common these days and the ‘Well’ in ‘Wellbeing’ must be nurtured and topped up.

Assertiveness or Aggession – Strength or Challenge? We’ll be focusing on the energetic positive, powerful, initiating theme of the days following the Spring Equinox …….and how we relate to these themes within.

Take time out to support your wellbeing, meet new friends AND work with those psychological energetic astrological archetypes relating to the Earth and using Crafts, Journaling and Scrapbooking.

Wednesday, April 13th from 10 until 2pm in Thornbury. Bring a packed lunch. Tea/Coffee/Biscuits provided. Session: £12 (Concessions available)

For more info: 07866 404471 or email:maggiejeffery2@hotmail.co.uk

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Astro Crafting in April

At the Equinox on March 20th, the Waters of Pisces recede to make way for the Fires of Aries and so in April (Hurrah!) we begin to create our ‘Elemental, Temperamental Astrological Journal’ for the year. Facilitated small group will reflect on this first month of Spring Time using Scrapbook Journalling and exploring how life today relates to the Archetype of Aries, both within and without. Relaxing, creative and enlightening!

Workshop on Wednesday 13th April. Let me know if you are interested: creativehealth@outlook.com or 07866 404471


“Compassion Fatigue”?

Over the years I’ve witnessed so many brilliant compassionate nurses and clinicians, teachers, social workers and carers and many many others who have dedicated helping loved ones end up burned out, exhausted and disillusioned. The personal Well in Wellbeing has become empty and there is no energy left to even turn on the tap and begin to refill it.

Compassion Fatigue has been also called ‘Post Traumatic Stress’ and if not dealt with can eventually lead to Depression as well as other problems. And that of course helps nobody. So being aware when things are getting too much and taking action is vital in finding ways to boost your own wellbeing and carry on helping those loved ones who depend on you.

It may be certainly one of the issues that can develop for Mums or Dads with children who struggle ……

And I must admit it’s something that happened to me many years ago and still feeds my passion about the crucial need to take time to love and nurture ourselves, think positive and laugh a lot. All those years ago, I carried on stoically until one day I found myself on the floor with a back injury and unable to help my family for many weeks ….. and I had to give up nursing.

So …. in April, if enough interest I hope to start a local Wellbeing Peer Support Group in Thornbury for Mums and Dads with kids who struggle. This will be a chance to take time out to relax, meet up with others, swap ideas and information, with a relevant topic/discussion as well.

Support for Mums and Dads of kids who struggle …….

What on earth is happening to the mental health of some of our young people? For example, a recent report by said that over the past few years, hospital admissions due to self harm in young people had risen by 68%!

This is only one report of several about how teenagers in particular are struggling to cope with anxiety and stress, disaffection with education, loss of motivation, meaning and purpose.

All of which has stirred me up enough to get my act together and get a service going to help support the wellbeing of stressed, hard working parents.

Initially I’m developing small groups for Mums and Dads so that they can connect with others, share ideas and experiences and take some time out. I will use various creative ways to make these Saturday mornings as much fun and as enjoyable as possible; others days can be offered as well of course.

In the past, the wellbeing of women and carers hasn’t been given the necessary priority. Yet my career experience both in Health and Social Service has demonstrated to me time and again how unhelpful this attitude has been.

I write this on Mother’s Day and am very conscious of the absolute priceless work mums do (or whoever is filling that role in the home) as the ‘Hub’ of the family. With so many women having to go out to work, come home to cook, shop, be chief bottle washer, cleaner, and carer to name but a little of the ‘mum role’, staying well and feeling good has never been more important.

Do visit my website for further details or if you know of anyone who might be interested in a Saturday morning group do pass this on. I hope to start after the Equinox – launching into Springtime!!

or email me on creativehealth@outlook.com

Writing home?

Imagine souls from other worlds, outer space, outer dimensions wanting to learn about what it’s like living on Planet Earth at this time. What could be better than a letter – a story – from conscious beings describing their unique first hand experience to other conscious beings in other realms of being?

Imagine that because the stories contain light and dark, good and ‘bad’, beauty and ugliness, joy and despair and are described through the utterly unique lens of every soul living on earth, a mutifaceted, multicoloured tapestry of life on earth will be expressed and stored.

Imagine a rainbow library in the cosmos where such stories are perpetually downloaded into the great vaults of learning. Maybe nothing is ever wasted and easily retrieved via the celestial computer memory banks for future growth. When we honour our imagination (note the second to fifth letters of that word), we nourish the power of vision.

Yet today’s culture is built on centuries of logic and mechanical science where academia is honoured and highly valued and often where beauty, art, creativity, dreaming and the like are deemed as non essentials or even seen as luxuries. The risks here are of living ‘second hand’. Often the expectations of our children are to absorb data and pass exams based on regurgitating the knowledge of others and having a good memory.

Imagination is our precious gift and we ignore it at our peril.

Happy 2016 … but not for Gaia

My heart goes out to the thousands of people throughout the world suffering from the effects of elements in chaos with flooding, tornadoes, storms and forest fires.

In the UK, costly flood barriers in North of England failed against the forces of nature. I only heard one mention of growing more trees. All the attention seemed to be on stronger and stronger defenses against Nature. A comparison can be seen by the limited mind-set that can only think about ever more arms and weapons to defend against other Humans; in fact more separation thinking and, as usual, cleverness rules over wisdom.

Is it coincidence that energetically, in time and space all this happened at a Full Moon in watery Cancer, just after the Solstice and the seasonal cycle of the Earth moved into earthy Capricorn? Ultimately necessity and our intuitive wisdom may restore the balance and heal the separation between head and heart. If that happens common sense may surface and bring us home to our bodies, imagination, and the Elements of the Earth.

Upset about what’s happening to our Earth? Singing helps …


We’ve drilled the Earth for gas and oil and cut down loads of trees
We’ve fracked the Earth till cracks appear and killed off lots of bees
We must wake up, we must wake up before it is too late
We must wake up and learn to love let go of fear and hate.

We love our kids and pray they’ll thrive and learn to live in peace
We love our kids and they love theirs – yet will war ever cease?
So just connect in love and hope, let’s all begin the dance
Let’s change our minds, and reach out now to give new life a chance

It can be done, it must be done for there’s no other choice
The silent ones, the peaceful ones can learn to find their voice.
Reach out, reach out and join in love, let nothing bar the way
We are one race, the human race, let’s learn to seize the day.