Is Fear and old thinking blocking Creativity and Compassion?

What part is fear playing in the strangling of creative concepts> What might enable the cross pollination and synthesis of ideas and inspiration? Think top down, ‘power/controlling fear driven hierarchies as opposed to expansive ‘flat’ creative sharing networks and groups.

The Myths and Metaphors of Ancient Greece have a lot to tell us – as do Jung’s Psychological Archetypes. In the old legend of course, it was Venus (Balance, Love and Harmony) who rose from the waves when the Titan, Saturn (aka Kronos/chronology) confronted Uranus.

Archetypes are multifaceted psychological energetic patterns.* If Time and Experience (one facet of inner Saturn) can overcome Fear (a different facet of inner Saturn) and support the Free (Uranus/Aquarius) incubation of creative ideas (Uranus/Aquarius) rather than restricting and strangling them – might not, for example, our educational system begin to breathe again?

The mythological story goes that Saturn (Archetype of Fear, Restriction, the Past, Structure and Hierarchy amongst other facets of the archetypal diamond) dis-empowered and exiled his father, Uranus (Archetype of Freedom, Creativity, Philanthropic love of Humanity etc). How does this relate to our world today?

Archetypal Astrology speaks in patterns of Metaphor, Myth and story. The psychological pattern of our Birth Chart can tell us such a story conceptually symbolising the universal energy pattern of the moment of birth. Recognising the metaphor embodied in our unique chart can offer personal hope as we travel the seas of immense global change. I use the Chart in person centred counselling with psychosynthesis and coaching because the more we begin to explore our deep inner motivation so we can creatively and intuitively discern inner gifts that offer self compassion and deep inner wisdom.

We are indeed the Heroes and Heroines in our journey through Life.* Valuing this unique pattern, making meaning of it and working with insights can offer hope, a sense of purpose and above meaning.

*Further Reading: ‘The Passion of the Western World’ by Richard Tarnas
‘The Soul’s Journey’ by James Hillman
‘The Archetypal Cosmos’ by Kieran Le Grice

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