Thornbury Coaching Centre for Mental Wellbeing and Creative Health is a not for profit Social Enterprise.   Maggie Jeffery is an ex Nurse, Coach and Counsellor.   Jen Gash is an Occupational Therapist and Coach.

FREE Talks this Summer in Central Thornbury

“Stuck and Confused”                                  Saturday, May 20th, 9.30-10.30        Based on wisdom from Julia Cameron’s work, “The Artist’s Way”, this talk explores strategies for gaining clarity through the mists of overload.

“The Inner Map”                                            Saturday, June 17th, 9.30-10.30           We live in turbulent times of change.    Can exploring the patterns and energetic archetypes of our unique Inner Map – the Birth Chart – help strengthen, motivate and give us direction and purpose?

“A Quiet Joy”                                       Saturday, July 15th, 9.30-10.30          We look at the new Science of Positive Psychology and how it can help us practise ways to happier and more hopeful perspectives on life.

Numbers Limited.    Free Draw each time … …

PRIZE:  Coaching Session (choice of 3 approaches above)

PLEASE RING:  07866 404471 or contact maggiejeffery2@hotmail.co.uk

OR:                     077722 67004 or contact jen@otcoach.com  or visit www.craftyourlife.com

Donations are welcome at these sessions to help cover costs.



This is an opportunity to join a group of people who share their love of Mind, Body, Spirit Books and discuss topics on these themes. We are friendly, informal and enjoy time together exploring those deeper issues in these changing times. Google Cygnus Books to find out more about Cygnus and contact me if you’re interested in coming along. We’d love to hear from you.


Hearth draws on the Psychological Archetype of ‘Hestia’. The Greek Myth of Hestia describes the goddess who looked after hearth and home and tended the fire that must never go out. She is described as being about ‘intactness and wholeness and ‘contemplative housekeeping’ (ref: ‘Goddesses in Every Woman by Jean Shinoda Bolen).

Hearth is basically for mums of teens and older and grandmothers and will be about having some quiet time for centering and relaxation, connection, sharing and stories. There will a space of a themed discussion as well.

At present, this group is in recess …     Please email for more information creativehealth@outlook.com

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