Maggie Jeffery is an ex Nurse, Coach and Counsellor.   Jen Gash is an Occupational Therapist and Coach.


PLEASE RING:  07866 404471 or contact maggiejeffery2@hotmail.co.uk

OR:                     077722 67004 or contact jen@otcoach.com  or visit www.craftyourlife.com



A new series is beginning on Thursday, Sept. 21 from 10-12 am in central Thornbury.

We will be learning skills that enable a more positive outlook on life, and these will be underpinned by elements such as Mindfulness, Living on Purpose, Play, Learning and Mindfulness.     Sessions will be small, experiential and fun!     In addition we will be developing reflection and journalling.      After the completion of the six sessions, monthly meetings will continue to offer support and continued learning.  Donations of £4 for each session requested.

* Also ……. Low cost positivity coaching will also be available to support group members.

  Please get in touch if you are interested (contact details above).


This is an opportunity to join a group of people who share their love of Mind, Body, Spirit Books and discuss topics on these themes. We are friendly, informal and enjoy time together exploring those deeper issues in these changing times. Google Cygnus Books to find out more about Cygnus and contact me if you’re interested in coming along. We’d love to hear from you.

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