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Outside the wind howls …….

It is 3 am and outside the wind howls like an animal seeking refuge.   A feeling of dread, of unspeakable horror enfolds me like a cloak and I struggle to breathe.   It feels like a monstrous pattern of greed and disempowerment, fear and rage  emerging, surfacing from the shadows.

Last night I watched ‘Mamma Mia’ and experienced the complete opposite – a carnival of freedom and empowerment.   In particular I watched the old Greek woman throw from her head the burden of twigs and wood that was weighing her down and join the dance of the women.

These contrasting images can be clearly seen in the Archetypes portrayed by Greek Myths and can be related to modern astrological psychology.     For example, the dark powerful collective Shadow can be seen as Pluto or Lord Hades, the god who wore an invisible cloak and abducted Persephone, the Maiden of Springtime.  This lead her mother Demeter in her grief  laying waste to the Earth.

Happily this archetypal  pattern of transformation includes the Phoenix , that fiery energy of new birth and it all relates to change in the collective consciousness of the humanity.     Just as in Nature, the cycle of change includes  releasing the old before the new can seed and take root,  awareness of past inappropriate negative patterns and then releasing them is a vital part of the same process.

The joy and the freedom portrayed in ‘Mamma Mia’ is much more personal rather than collective.   And I understand the pattern here as representing Jupiter – a youthful, expansive archetypal energy that speaks of Social Connection and the positive joy of love in action that also lives in each of person.

The more we become conscious of who we truly are, our potential and own our own inner power, the greater the gifts we can offer as we connect with others – and the more we light up our world.

This pattern is from past times and born of denied rage and fear and unspeakable poverty and powerlessness.     The urge is for power over everything in the natural world, to take everything that is weaker and believes it cannot resist.

Yet this pattern of darkness is blind and innate in all, yet as one by one individuals recognise the buried rage and fear and let it go, so the weight of the past lightens and they find their own power.