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We all need…

Discovery party logoMany years ago, I taught Health Promotion at a time when there was great emphasis on lifestyle change. Yet pretty soon I began to realise simply ‘telling people’ to change and give information didn’t work. So what else was needed? Some of the factors needed were willingness, motivation, individual circumstances, and self-knowledge, awareness, beliefs and values and self belief.   Yes, I can do this  ……..!     In other words a sense of empowerment.

Changing personal lifestyles to improve wellbeing and sustainability requires us to take a holistic approach and include mind and emotions and work from the point of inner power, will and creativity that lies deep within us all.

On an everyday level, it really isn’t easy to go it alone.   We need  support from other people family, friends when choosing lifestyle change. And there is research to suggest that it is in the relating to others locally also makes us happy!

So I decided it was a really time to become a Licensed ‘Discovery Party Coach’ and develop them with a green theme. Getting together in a fun way, light-hearted way supports us as we begin to think about making different lifestyle choices.

Balancing Hearts and Minds

Technology has turned the key and opened the doors of our mind to multitudes of new ideas and visions that have potential to dazzle and distract. With our heads in the clouds of virtual reality, how do we keep a balance and live in our body, our roots  in the natural world of which we are a part and connected to our  hearts?

How do we nurture this organic side of us that at feeds and nurtures us whilst holding our breath at the roar of communication from voices all over the world?  How do we grapple with all the information known to man from ages past being available at our fingertips?

Balancing our hearts and our minds means staying alert and willing to open our eyes, step back and observe what’s going on within our own personal universe. Wellness and becoming whole is all about being present to each moment, gratitude for the gift 0f each day and reflecting on the inner learning of our experiences of what it means to be alive at this time on our home, the Earth.