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The Mirror of Astrology

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a mirror or map that could give us insight into our inner life; our Inner Universe? Better still if it was one that didn’t ‘tell’ us what we should do, but rather helped open doors to our deepest inner wisdom, our psychological history and self-knowledge.

The Astrological Birth Chart is just such a map and a personal, unique gift to each one of us. However this map isn’t purely about logic and reason but also uses image and symbol and so speaks to the so called ‘Left and Right’ sides of the brain. Astrology helps us bridge the gap between Art and Science; it is all about mathematics and logic but it’s also about imagination taking a creative flexible approach.
It’s a map that orientates us to our utterly unique and individual psychological patterns and helps us understand what makes us tick at a deep and often unconscious level. Ultimately it can give us back our power so that we can begin to let go of the past and move forward in life with awareness of our strengths and weaknesses.

Sadly over the past 400 years Astrology has been abused, mocked and devalued and sometimes seen as the province of entertainers or charlatans and fortune tellers. Yet the greatest minds that the earth has ever known have embraced and respected Astrology. The mechanistic, deterministic scientific worldview began to shift when around a hundred years ago the realities of the Quantum World began to emerge. Sadly there are still areas that haven’t caught up – but they will! At a time when humanity and planet Earth are facing great challenges and change, at a time when there has never been a greater need for self-reflection, inner awareness and empowerment, public ignorance about this ancient science/art means that this much need resource is often wasted.

I am passionate about personal empowerment and psychological literacy. That’s why, in my retirement I still teach and work as an Astrological Psychologist, Life Coach and Person Centred Counsellor. And the amazing part of all this is that I’m still learning AND even in my old age, learning about myself.

Do we ever stop learning and discovering more and more about our Inner Universe? Surely it’s this learning and ever deepening self-understanding that enriches and brings colour and meaning to our Journey?