What is astrological psychology?

The years of early childhood, our genetic blueprint and parental patterns are well known to have a major influence on our life.

Carl Jung described Psychological Archetypes and the increasing awareness of the underpinning concepts of quantum physics is helping  to throw light on thousands of years of astrological study for practitioners.

We live in an interconnected energetic cosmos and that energetic moment of time when you entered the world of time and space as a tiny soul is considered to be of profound importance.

Astrological Psychology raises awareness of the symbolism and archetypal patterns of your unique Birth Chart.   Working with this can support you at  personality and soul levels throughout the different stages of your life. Academics and writers including Richard Tarnas (‘The Passion of the Western Mind’) are currently offering the results of their continuing research to the world.

I trained for many years with the organisation below before gaining my Diploma in Astrological Psychology (preceded by many years studying Psychosynthesis); during the course of this time I became well acquainted with my own Chart which has helped me enormously in understanding and tackling life’s challenges and changes.   The more I understand, the more I can make sense of my inner world.

To discover more about Astrological Psychology check out: www.astrologicalpsychologyassociation.org

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