Are ‘Green’ and ‘Politics’, Chalk and Cheese?

As we approach the General Election I sense a boredom and cynicism about politics.   Does this stem from a crisis of trust with politics and politician.    Are they seen as being all the same whatever Party they represent  – because they are politicians and all politicians are the same, aren’t they?

And I’m wondering how the essential and contrasting culture at the heart of green politics will meet this alientation, mistrust, cynicism and even boredom that many people have of politicians.

Are  not political promises generally driven by ambition and a drive to be different from the others’?   In other world separate and individualistic, logic and pragmatic?   How does mainstream politics relate to the basic principles of green politics that are fundamentally about living in connection, equality, localisation and being heart centred?

Surely this is trying to pour new wine into old bottles when a different sort of vessel may be needed?    How can green politics be seen differently?    Do people switch off before they consider the word ‘green’?




One thought on “Are ‘Green’ and ‘Politics’, Chalk and Cheese?”

  1. Hi Maggie,

    Google the Scottish Green party it’s certainly not new wine in old bottles. The greens have moved from the margins of UK politics to the centre. We are a small party but we punch above our weight… The surge of support for a new kind of politics can and will change the political landscape. It just takes time. Remember that the greens always have the long term vision of securing the well-being of the planet. Before anything else…Politics does not mean much to Polar bears on a melting ice cap. So that is why the environment has to be at the heart of green politics.

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