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Maggie is a holistic therapist, facilitator, and writer, working at different levels of being to promote physical, emotional, mental and creative wellbeing.  Her work as an experienced coach and counsellor particularly supports working mums in mid life  facing change and challenges. 

Coaching Happiness, Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Journalling, Creative work and Astrological (Archetypal) Psychology are the tools she uses.

As a mum and grandmother of three, Maggie has a lifetime of experience working in health, social services and education following her initial training a Nurse.   Later she trained in Therapeutic Touch, Person Centred Counselling, Coaching and Personal Psychosynthesis.  She also practices Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique and gained a Diploma in Astrological Psychology.

She believes, “we are living in times of escalating change.  Business as usual isn’t an option.     Everyone has inner strengths and everybody is different.  The more deeply we understand our needs and motivation – that which makes us tick – the clearer the life choices we can make that honour our unique individuality and gifts”.

Exciting new scientific research suggests that our habitual mind-set, can be changed with practise by creating new neural pathways in our brain. Given intention, practice and the skilful use of will it is possible to develop a way of viewing our world as one of happiness and abundance rather than fear and lack. Our world faces enormous challenges and becoming aware of how we think and focus on the positive, may well prove to be vital for the future. Our individual and our collective mind set is therefore of crucial importance.

Very recently she became grandmother to ‘Willow’ a golden retriever puppy and so has fallen in love once more…..

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  1. I recently booked a Reiki session, to calm my mind. Before I went I managed to hurt my shoulder and was severe pain, despite the painkillers, muscle relaxants and happy pills which were all the NHS could offer, kind tho’ they were. Like many of us I carry my tension in my neck and shoulders and I had a trapped nerve, muscular spasms and shoulder muscles the doctor described as as hard as a board. No wine and NO DRIVING.

    A physio session helped a bit, but Maggie’s healing was like a miracle. Next day I needed only a minimum painkiller dose and could move my arm and shoulder. Within 2 days I felt much easier and could turn my neck. The physio said several times that she was amazed at the improvement. She ‘would not have thought it possible’ after the pain I had been in.

    The healing I got from Maggie spiritually was wonderful enough. The freedom from pain is beyond words.

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