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Happy Astro Gran - my alter ego - is about helping people to learn and practice the skills of happiness and emotional wellbeing.    I also help teach and help people developing a greater understanding of the stories and archetypes of  the unique psychological 'map' which is the birth chart !


I use astrological psychology, psychosynthesis, positive psychology, journalling and creative activities in my work with people struggling emotionally, mentally, spiritually with the demands and pressures in these times of great change.

The Astrological Psychology of the Birth Chart

This is a  pattern or energetic map of that moment when you were born and entered Time and Space and separated from mother.  It is symbolic and offers a rich source of information that is unique to you.   Supporting you to make intuitive sense of this resource helps you in your journey to your inner wisdom and power

Astrology is a powerful tool to help us deal with change. By deepening self-knowledge, we increase self-compassion. We discover what makes us tick - our basic motivation, our potential, helps relationships and also possible future direction. Astrology also offers improved self-awareness, self-esteem and above meaning and purpose. We begin to see things differently. Astrology is an amazing and powerful tool.

Coaching is based on the belief that somewhere deep inside the other person has their own answers; I don't advise, predict or tell. The Coaching Relationship is an equal partnership where we work together to find answers. By using coaching questions with the unique map of the Birth Chart, I help clients to discover and unlock their deep inner source of creative wisdom.

I work one to one as an astrological coach and with small groups.

I also practice reflexology and healing

Maggie Jeffery
Email  maggiejeffery2@hotmail.co.uk

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